Our Work

At Taperfox Studios, we’ve collaborated with talented artists and brands, creating exceptional content for various industries. Our diverse roster ranges from national acts to local musicians and singers.

We take great pride in our work at Taperfox Studios and invite you to experience our portfolio of projects. Take a listen and if you find something you love, show support for the artist by visiting their website and social media. We are always eager to hear about new recording projects, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and share your ideas with us.

Artists we've worked with

  1. Ankita Kundu
  2. Arun Sivag
  3. Varun Ramachandra
  4. Chandan Raina
  5. Manpreet Singh
  6. Prasad Shetty
  7. Rinosh George
  8. Sangeetha Ravindranath


Brands we've worked with

Studios we've worked with